Suzaku Muradori Koshirae Tozando Iaito


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Suzaku Muratori Koshirae Tozando Iaito
Production in Japan
Series: suzaku
Composition: zinc / aluminum alloy
Blade length available: 2.30shaku ~ 2.50shaku
Weight: x (with saya) and x (without saya)
Hamon available: suguha, Notare, Gunome
Tsuba available: muradori (village bird)
Tsukasame: white
Tsukaito & Sageo: black cotton
Composition & Seppa habaki: Copper
Habaki Type: Standard
Fuchi / Kashira: muradori
Menuki: Tori ryu (bird)
Composition saya: magnolia wood
Saya available: Kuroro (glossy black lacquered) or kuroshime (matt black), Chaishime

Please note: our Iaito are not comparable to the memories swords called "omiyage" on sale on the net cheap or can be found in Japan in the Asakusa district of Tokyo

To note:you practitioners of Iaido, even if are aware that you are knowledgeable of what you use, but we would still remind simple neophytes visitors, our iaito are perfect replicas of real Japanese sword (Shinken katana) manufactured in the most Japan prestigious forges and therefore perfectly suited to the practice of Iaido and Kenjutsu.
We consider that this is an important point that should be highlighted.
Availability: providing a timeout of 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture.
Delivery time: 4-6 days for France and Dom-tom

More precisions
A flock of birds (muradori) flying away from their nest together in the morning is a symbol of a new start. As evidenced by the sentence "muratori no muradachi inaba (when a flock of birds flies away together)" in the Man'Yoshu?, the term "muradori" is used as makura-kotoba for words such as "muratatsu" (a flock is leaving), "asadatsu" (a flock is leaving in the morning), and "tatsu" (leave). Also, birds such as swallows and storks have been regarded as symbols of good fortune by people of all ages and countries. In Japan, bird motifs have been used for textiles and lacquerware.

Birds are the preferred motif for "tosogu" (sword fittings) as well. Birds are also used for the fittings of the famous national treasure, "Gunchomon Hyogogusari no Tachi".

For the fuchigashira, we have used a Chinese phoenix, a legendary holy bird which is supposed to appear in times of good fortune. It is also found on the rooves of Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, and Byodoin. The tsuba features matsutakazu, which is a combination of a hawk, a symbol of warriors and a pine tree which represents a long life. This combination is shown in the famous fusuma paintings by Kano Tan'yu, who was an artist from Kyoto. For the menuki, we used a couple of grey starlings, which is a symbol of happy marriage and prosperity of descendants.

The Muradori Koshirase are handmade in Kyoto. The city is famous for Byodoin and Kinkaku-ji, whose decorations feature a Chinese phoenix, and the Ninomaru Palace of Nijo Castle, where the formal restoration of political authority to the emperor took place, and it comes with a certificate of manufacture which shows "Kyoto Japan" as a guarantee.

The "Kyoto Japan" Mark is a mark endorsed by the Kyoto Industry Development Consortium and it's given to companies that protects and develops the traditional craftsmanship in Kyoto, domestically and overseas. 

As the Suzuku series of Iaito are made in Kyoto, Tozando has been certified to use the "Kyoto Japan" mark with the Suzaku series of Iaito.


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Suzaku Muradori Koshirae Tozando Iaito

Suzaku Muradori Koshirae Tozando Iaito

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