Tozando Suzaku Tengu Koshirae Iaito


100% Made Kyoto in Japan,this is High quality Tozando Suzaku Tengu Koshirae Iaito  for practice of Iaido

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Hamon length available2.30~2.50 Shaku
Tsuka Length available8.5~9 Sun
Hamon availableSuguha,Notare,Gunome
Tsukaitonoir,marron,bleu marine,pourpre en coton & soie
Sageonoir,marron,bleu marine,pourpre en coton & soie
TsubaT040 Ryu Mokko (Iron)
Fuchi/Kashira Thème Tengu
Menuki Thème Tengu

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The Tengu is a legendary creature in Japanese folklore, and are considered to be a Shinto deity (Kami) or super natural being. Tengu are traditionally depicted as having a red face with a long nose, donning a traditional priest robe, tall geta clogs with one tooth in the center. They have wings on their backs and can soar freely in the skies, holding a leaf fan in their hands. It was said that they could control the wind.

This sword was inspired by the famous story of the young Ushiwakamaru (who eventually became the famous warrior, Minamoto no Yoshitsune).Legend has it that Ushiwakamaru was instructed in the art of the sword by a Tengu residing in the Kurama Mountains, named Sōjōbō.

The sword's Fuchigane features the great Dai Tengu, Atago Tarobō, who was reputedly the strongest of all the Tengu. For the Menuki we have used a feather from the characteristic wings of the Tengu, and lastly a fan shaped Tsuba has been added to imbue the Iaito with the powers of the Tengu. The Tengu Koshirae are made individually in Kyoto, a place with a deep connection with the Tengu legends. The blade is made with aluminum/zink alloy. It also comes with a certificate emblazoned with the “Kyoto Japan” mark. 

The "Kyoto Japan" Mark is a mark endorsed by the Kyoto Industry Development Consortium and it's given to companies that protects and develops the traditional craftsmanship in Kyoto, domestically and overseas. 

As the Suzuku series of Iaito are made in Kyoto, Tozando has been certified to use the "Kyoto Japan" mark with the Suzaku series of Iaito.


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Tozando Suzaku Tengu Koshirae Iaito

Tozando Suzaku Tengu Koshirae Iaito

100% Made Kyoto in Japan,this is High quality Tozando Suzaku Tengu Koshirae Iaito  for practice of Iaido

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