Tozando Custom Made Iaito


100% Made in Japan,High quality Tozando Custom Made Iaito 

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Hamon length available2.20 Shaku~2.60 Shaku
Tsuka Length available7.5 Sun~10 Sun
Tsuba disponibleSasa-sukashi,Sharin Kiku,Namako,Higo Mokko,Ume
Menuki disponibleTaketora,Sansho
Level rangeAvancé
OrigineEntièrement fabriqué au Jaon
PopularityTrès apprécié de shihans japonais du Iaido
Blade TypeExtra-Wide 'Habahiro'
TsukamakiSilk Navy
SageoSilk Kikko Navy

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High quality Tozando Custom Made Iaito
100% Made in Japan
Tozando's Custom Iaito are made exclusively for you at the special Iaito workshop with the finest material and the best craftsmanship available today. This gives the special Iaito great durability and an air of authenticity. Perfectly weighted and perfectly balanced, Tozando Custom Iaito have the feel of shinken. Each one of our Iaito are constructed by master craftsmen with 10 years of swordmaking experience or longer. Neither non-Japanese labor nor the mass production system is applied on any of Tozando Iaito. And while some may have decorative elements, none of our Iaito are ornamental. They are all tools of the warrior arts, and they are used throughout the world by Deshi and Sensei alike.
In ordering a Tozando Custom Iaito, so as to truly make it "Your Iaito", you are free to select the type and color of saya, and the type of tsuba you would like. Please note that additional charges may apply to some selections. Despite of these characteristics, ordering the Tozando Custom Iaito is very easy. Make yourself proud to be the owner of such the prime made by the Japanese craftsman.
Blade, made of a light weight, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy*. Please be aware that it is not possible to sharpen the blade of this Iaito.
Handmade in Japan.

The specs of the Iaito shown in the pictures above are the following:

[Blade Length:2.60 Shaku]
[Hamon:Kanesada Style]
[Blade Type:Extra-Wide 'Habahiro']
[Hi Groove:Single Tome]
[Groove Depth:Standard Depth]
[Tsuba:T040 Ryu Mokko (Iron)] (discontinued)
[Fuchi/Kashira:K001 Hiranami (Silver)]
[Menuki:M018 Sukashi Ryu (Blackened Brass)]
[Habaki:Antique Silver Finish]
[Tsuka Color:Silk Navy]
[Tsuka Length:9.0 Sun (27.2 cm)]
[Tsukasame:White with Navel Knot]
[Menuki Position:Chuou(Center)]
[Wrap:Ikkan Maki]
[Lacquer:So Same]
[Sageo:Silk Kikko Navy]
[Kojiri:C001 Hiranami (Silver)]


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Tozando Custom Made Iaito

Tozando Custom Made Iaito

100% Made in Japan,High quality Tozando Custom Made Iaito 

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